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Fiona Harvey


Education Development Manager in the Centre for Innovation in Technologies and Education (CITE) at the University of Southampton.  Working across the University, bringing technology enhancements to course content.  Consultant for MOOC projects for pedagogy and design.

I am the lead for CITE on Digital Literacies and I work very closely with Lisa Harris, running workshops and organising the Conference (Digital Literacies - MOOCS and the Online Learner 2013 and Digital Literacies Conference 2012) .  I am responsible for setting up and running Digital Champion network with Lisa Harris.  I am also the Chair of the Digital Literacies Special Interest Group.

My online presence

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My research is currently on MOOCs as  tool for blended learning.

Conference or Workshop Item


Harvey, Fiona and Watson, Julie (2009) Starting from virtual: a university island and a Second Life language learning project. Intercultural Experiences: National Workshop 2009, Coventry, United Kingdom. 11 Nov 2009.


Harvey, Fiona and Watson, Julie (2010) Herding cats virtually: managing a multi-disciplinary university island in Second Life. LLAS E-Learning Symposium, Southampton, United Kingdom. 28 - 29 Jan 2010.


Harvey, Fiona and Harris, Lisa (2012) Understanding digital literacy for higher education. LLAS E-Learning Symposium, Southampton, United Kingdom. 26 - 27 Jan 2012.


Harris, Lisa, Costa, Cristina, Harvey, Fiona and Earl, G. (2013) Curriculum innovation: living and working on the web. Enhancement and Innovation in Higher Education, Glasgow, United Kingdom.


Harvey, Fiona and Smith, Tamsyn (2014) iPads coffee & cake: becoming experts together. Informal learning at the University of Southampton. iPADs in Higher Education. 20 - 22 Mar 2014. 22 pp .