Digital Economy USRG


The Digital Economy University Strategic Research Group (DE USRG) at Southampton acts as a multidisciplinary focus for research and industrial collaborations across the digital economy.

University staff, students and external partners are all welcome to join – please email Lisa on to be added to our email list and for a profile to be set up on this website for you.

Since digital technology and applications stretch across many aspects of business, from financial transactions to the control of our transport, fuel and emergency services infrastructures, understanding the new digital economy requires innovative thinking that stretches across disciplines. For example, high speed broadband has changed the way we do business, access films and music and communicate with each other through online social networking.

Developing the digital economy requires us to engineer and measure new systems, and to understand the complex interactions of them with social practices and individual behaviours. Through this we can pursue new applications and generate new forms of economic, cultural and social value by developing new markets, digital cultural memory, identity, communication and creativity. The DE USRG brings expertise in these areas together in order to build new research and partnerships.

Chairs of the University of Southampton’s Strategic Research Group for Digital Economy: Dr Graeme Earl, Professor Dame Wendy Hall, Dr Lisa Harris