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Web Science Institute and Digital Marketing at the University of Southampton. I am an Associate Director of Centre for Innovation and Technology in Education (CITE). Fascinated by disruptive effect of technology on business and education. Open access only please. Carpe Diem.

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I am currently working on the following projects:

1. The Student Digital Champions project offers support to staff and students across the university:

  • Raise awareness and profile of conferences and other events
  • manage social media/offline integration at events
  • build individual/team online profiles for employability purposes
  • contribute to CIP module development and delivery
  • behave safely and responsibly online

2. Integrating digital literacies into the curriculum through a series of workshops for staff and students. Digital literacy activities cut across the whole spectrum of university life:

  • How and where we learn/teach
  • How we access/evaluate information
  • How we access, record, analyse and publish research
  • How we build and manage online identity and associated reputation/social capital at the individual, team, school and university level
  • How we support students in a pastoral capacity

3. The SMiLE Project - evaluating the effectiveness of online channels in supporting ‘live’ events (blurring of ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ space)

4. Evaluating the role of social technologies in charitable fund raising and activism

5. Emerging models of e-recruitment
6. Challenges facing early adopters of social CRM and social shopping

7. How small businesses can ‘punch above their weight’ with online marketing

Co-organiser of Digital Literacy Conference Two (May 2013)

Organising Committee member for WebSci2013 (May 2013)




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Conference or Workshop Item


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