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I have two decades of academic experience, joining the Russell Group University of Southampton’s School of Management in 2004 to undertake campus-wide strategic developments in entrepreneurship and innovation research and teaching. Before Southampton, I was doing the same at Loughborough (2002-4). Prior to that, I worked at Humberside/Lincoln Universities, doing a lot with international programmes.  I’ve summarised some key areas below, but for me it’s about: bottom-up not top-down; co-creation & collaboration; creation, not destruction; experimentation, play & humour.

A mature research position supported by over  60 peer-reviewed publications (I have been entered in every REF/RAE since it began, including the upcoming one), funded projects (research councils, industry and internal), evidence of research leadership and a wide network of contacts.
18 years experience working in a technology/innovation/management environment, in UK educational institutions (research/teaching/consultancy), with extensive teaching, curriculum development and course management experience, including the development of entrepreneurship and innovation curricula (UG/PG/MBA) in (largely) greenfield sites (Loughborough and Southampton) incorporating best practice from USA (MIT, NCSU, San Diego).
Postgraduate qualifications in science, technology and education/post-experience qualification in entrepreneurship MIT Entrepreneurship Development Programme9 years experience working with incubators, spin-out companies, SMEs and technology transfer offices in leading UK universities (Loughborough,  Southampton and overseas), in a wide range of sectors – high tech, creative industries, digital media,  service sector, public sector, large and small companies.
5 years establishing and running two small businesses, plus Non-Exec Director of thriving Yorkshire company
Extensive network of contacts in UK,US, Europe and Asia through UK-SEC, HEIF, SETSQUARED, ISBE, BAM, CMI, Sloane Management School (MIT), North Carolina State University, University of San Diego, EMN Normandie, University of Porto, IMSciences Peshawar, TUSUR, Tomsk, Ryerson University, Toronto.

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My research interests in entrepreneurship and innovation fall into three main areas which are explained in more detail in the attached statement which details research projects, including current PhD students (9 first supervisions  in total).  Key words: qualitative; co-creation; collaboration:

  • Processes of emergence  new firms, new business models and new value creation systems in volatile new sectors. Projects in this area are focused on start-ups in digital media and the creative industries (where open business models/innovation patterns are currently significant), the sci/tech sector, and management practices in incubators. General interest in very early stage concept development and the role of participative, collaborative groups in the experimental phase.
  • Knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange concerning support mechanisms for the above (policies, processes and structures such as incubators), particularly in relation to international development in eg Pakistan, Russia, Portugal, Oman and Northern France.  Research impact a key issue at present.
  • Studies of entrepreneurial identity and its relevance to creative destruction and strategy formulation (with specific relevance to CEO/Leadership)

In progress:

  • Change of paradigm? Reconsidering the technology feasibility point, in review for Technovation (with Domink Kunz)
  • Entrepreneur or villain? A Kantian reflection on entrepreneurial identity and media ethics, in review for Journal of Business Ethics (with Rob Smith)
  • Networks and spatiality of university incubators: the Resource Based View on global and local resource linkages, in review for Technovation (with Fumi Kitagawa)
  • Entrepreneurial Emergence as a methodological framework: agency, structure, process and materiality, in development for Journal of Business Venturing (with Ted Fuller)
  • The Individual’s Influence on LT Innovation in Small Firms in the marble mining industry of North West Pakistan, in development for Research Policy (with Muhammad Nouman)


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