Digital Economy USRG

The Elephant in the Room: When did data get so big?

Date: 03.06.2013

Time: 12.00 - 14.00

Speaker: Ian Brown, Projects Director, Web Science Trust

Location: 2/2043

Presented by Ian Brown, Projects Director, Web Science Trust.

 The “Elephant in the Room” in this case is a huge and rapidly growing volume of fast-moving unstructured “stuff” generally known as “Big Data”.

– What is it?

– How do I recognise it when I see it?

– Should I be worried about?

– Is this a fad or should I be gearing up to know more?

This is an introductory talk (experts will have heard this all before) for those who are unsure about the definitions and relevance of the big data phenomenon in which we try to leave you a little clearer on what all the fuss is about, where to go if you want to get more detail and what might be next for Big Data.

Ian Brown is a 25 year veteran IT project manager, consultant now studying the Web Observatory at Southampton (you’ll need a separate ticket for that talk) and who also works as projects director for the international research charity the Web Science Trust.