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Walk inside a piece of music via the 3D Binaural Audio Rendering Engine

Date: 14.10.2013

Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Speaker: Ben Mawson

Location: 67/1003

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DE Lunch-time seminar presented by Ben Mawson

‘Walk inside a piece of music via the 3D Binaural Audio Rendering Engine’

My hunt for ‘realistic’, immersive experience of digital audio has led to development work towards 3DBARE, the 3D Binaural Audio Rendering Engine.

 A means for multiple users to ‘walk inside a piece of music’, as though the sounds were actually emanating from points in a physical space, 3DBARE is an exercise in ‘digital liveness’, making repeated experience of fixed output continually changeable.

During this long process of discovery and experimentation, I have worked extensively with an earlier tool called noTours, using GPS to edit a landscape with sound.

I will outline some of the technical challenges in building 3DBARE and the musical compositions using space as an expressive layer which I have developed over the past two years, during my PhD research.

These include the ongoing ‘Audio Portrait of a City‘, spread across Southampton’s green spaces and the early stage project ‘Listening for Infection‘ (a proposed collaboration between Music and the Faculty of Medicine), exploring biomedicine through sonic gamification.

DE Lunch-time seminars are free to attend and lunch will be provided. All are welcome.


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A sample lecture of ‘3DBARE and Music You Can Walk Inside


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