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#SXSC3: Not just about business!

Avatar photoNovember 14, 2013
by Lisa Harris

By Merel van Dijke

A few free tickets are still available for the Creative Digifest on November 19th 2013.

The Creative Digifest 2013 has many different sides: as well as the practical/business field, the scientific field will certainly not be forgotten! Professor Sally Jane Norman (Director of the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts at the University of Sussex) will take the value of digital technologies to another level, asking what this value actually is and how this mixes with social awareness. Taking artists and art as an example, she will be sure to give us many interesting views on this field which seems to be in a constant state of flux.

In addition, PHD student Ben Mawson will bring the digital to life, allowing us to walk inside a piece of music with the 3DBare. Music, seemingly coming from every part of the room, will give us a one of a kind interpretation of a music piece, which can change with every step you take.

A day full of subjects for everyone, so be sure that you don’t miss out!


#SXSC3 Speaker Profile: Alan Rae

Avatar photoNovember 13, 2013
by Lisa Harris

By Merel van Dijke

During the Creative Digifest #SXSC3, several experts will be giving talks and workshops surrounding the theme “value of digital start-ups”. One of these experts is Alan Rae, who will be giving a workshop in the second part of the day about building a business from scratch: How do you make your offer attractive? How do you get the site found? How do you make transactions and how do you fulfill?

The workshop is based on nearly 10 years’ involvement with Digital Business in the family horticultural business which successfully turns over nearly £3/4 million annually in plants, garden equipment and organic pest control. The session will give you some real insight into what is practicable for an independent operator to achieve.

alan rae

But who is Alan Rae? In his own words:

“Research – Structure – Present – Set to Music”

I guess I have been a digital pioneer since we set up our first IT company in 1981. I’ve lived through the change from an analogue to a digital world (when I went to University we used mechanical calculators in the labs!) through word processing, computer aided design, e-commerce and social media and mobile working. My career started as a market researcher and marketing manager for a heavy engineering company. I set up my first IT business in 1981 and have been helping businesses large and small implement IT related change ever since as a supplier, trainer, presenter and author. From 1996-2004 I ran the Executive Studio in West London which was a pioneering demonstration and training centre for the use of IT In e-commerce and mobile and flexible working. Since then I’ve been applying what we know about digital commerce to a family horticultural business (the DPhil IS in plant science after all) and to researching how small companies can use the internet in practice to make their businesses work better. Much of this work has been carried out with Lisa Harris.

I’ve created various training programmes for small business including 1 Man Brand and Punch Above Your Weight, and written books like “Growing Jobs” and “Social Media for Real Businesses”.

If you want to find out more about Alan’s work, check his Research findings at, practical help for small business at and his Sales and marketing materials at Also read his guest blogs for Brandwatch. You can also find him on twitter and LinkedIn

“What do you think is the biggest challenge in setting up an online business?”
Getting the delivery logistics right!

“What is your #1 tip for digital start-ups?”
Only sell things that people want to buy

Just one week to go to the Creative Digifest #SXSC3

Avatar photoNovember 12, 2013
by Lisa Harris

By Merel van Dijke

blog 2

Last year’s Creative Digifest was a great success and we are sure that this one will be as well. In current times where crowd-funding platforms have given a new boost to starting businesses, generating online value is hotter than ever before. But once the funding is done, how do you progress? What are the valid business models and how can you get your site found? How do you maintain your teams in today’s globalised world and how do you integrate your new business with other existing ones? These and many other questions will be answered during the Creative Digifest 2013!

Just 8 days to go until the Creative Digifest #SXSC3

Avatar photoNovember 10, 2013
by Lisa Harris

By Merel van Dijke

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Be sure to come along to the latest version of the Creative Digifest on November 11th 2013 at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton. This year’s event will be centered around creating value from digital technologies, in all its possible forms. Prepare for a day full of expert talks, engaging workshops/demos and the business planning competition in which big prizes can be won. Be sure to keep up-to-date through this blog and Twitter (#SXSC3) for profiles of our speakers, fun and interesting facts and more info on the competition pitches.

There are still (free) tickets available so it’s not too late to book your seat. We hope to see you there on the 11th!

Web Science researchers contributing at #DE2013MCUK

Avatar photoOctober 31, 2013
by Lisa Harris

We will be invading Media City in Manchester next week for the Digital Economy’s Open Digital Conference

You can check out the full programme and follow #DE2013MCUK on twitter but here is a brief summary of the Southampton contributions:

Professor Dame Wendy Hall will be delivering a keynote on Wednesday. She will discuss recent developments in “Openness” with specific focus upon the opportunities offered by the convergence of Open Data, Open Research and Open Learning. Wendy will draw upon contemporary examples from the Web Observatory, Open Data Institute and the Web Science MOOC to highlight the aspects of openness that are now working well, and also those which are proving more challenging.

Chris Phethean is demonstrating his work which is titled “Analysis Of Charities’ Communication Styles On Twitter” It comprises a novel piece of software for automatically analysing charitable organisations’ posts and classifying the results into specific communication styles.

Ian Brown is presenting a paper titled “Enabling the adoption of Web 3 in the digital economy”

Richard Gomer is running Workshop C titled “Towards Meaningful: Perspectives on Online Consent

Craig Allison is presenting a paper titled – “Tracking Orientation within a Virtual Building – Bridging the Gap Between the Inside and Out to Reduce Disorientation

Ramine Tinati is presenting a paper titled “Exploring the Use of #OpenData in UK Open Government Data Community”

Nada Albunni is presenting a poster titled “Focusing a cultural lens on the growth of trust networks: a Syrian perspective”

The Web Science Institute (WSI) launches its 2013/4 Programme

Avatar photoOctober 23, 2013
by Lisa Harris

The Web Science Institute (WSI) launches its 2013/4 Programme – 11th November 11:30am to 2pm – Nuffield Theatre “Green Room” Cafe.

Professor Dame Wendy Hall, Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Professor Susan Halford, Professor Hugh Davis and Professor Les Carr invite you to the launch of the new Web Science Institute’s programme for the 2013/4 academic year, in conjunction with CITE.

Following a champagne reception, the WSI Directors will introduce the new Institute and explain its role in the University and for our industry and government partners.   Professor Hugh Davis from CITE will introduce the University’s first MOOC (Web Science: How the Web is Changing the World) which opens to participants on the 11th November. Professor Carr will introduce the Doctoral Training Centre’s latest cohorts of students and their research interests.

Following the presentations, there will be a chance to network while enjoying a buffet lunch.  Places are limited so please RSVP to Claire Wyatt ( ) by Friday 1st November 2013.

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course and is free to study.

Creative DigiFest and Dragon’s Den #SXSC3

Avatar photoOctober 23, 2013
by Lisa Harris

Tickets for this event are going fast, and new workshops are still being added to the agenda  – please see below for the latest information. Here’s a reminder of last year’s event

Date: 19.11.2013

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Location: Mayflower Suite, De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton

Registration: Please book your place here

Creating value from digital technologies

  • World leading speakers
  • Demonstrations of the latest technologies
  • Debate and discussion with digital experts
  • Free workshops and  networking sessions

Come along to our one day interactive conference to find out more about the pioneering interdisciplinary digital projects already underway at the University of Southampton.

See pitches for a business planning competition with prizes of 7K, 4K and 2.5K, sponsored by RCUK/NEMODE

After lunch explore your own areas of interest through workshops, demonstrations and one-to-one networking with experts in a wide range of digital technologies.


10.00am coffee and posters

Welcome and introductions supported by the Ladies of the Press and the Student Digital Champions

10.15am  Dragon’s Den: Competition pitches

11.15am Coffee and Tea Break

11.30am Talks from digital experts including Alan Patrick of Broadsight business and technology forecasting consultancy, Professor Sally Jane Norman, Director of the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts and Jeremy Caine, Complex Systems Integration, IBM

12.30pm Competition winners announcement

Google Hangout on Air organised by  Simon Morice and David Willox of  ICM Reporting

2pm Workshops talks and demos on new digital technologies and business model development, including Paul Walland from IT Innovation, Alan Rae, marketing and communications expert and Ben Mawson from 3DBare

Organised by the Centre for Strategic Innovation and the Digital Economy University Strategic Research Group.

Speakers include:


Addresses business modelling and business planning: the relationship between the two, and when you ‘start-up’? Business Modelling: value proposition; target customer segments; distribution channels; customer relationships; unique value add; core capabilities; partner network; cost structure; revenue model; business process modelling Business Planning: content; risk and mitigation; managing changes


Addresses new business models, and the challenge for brownfields: the world is mostly made up of existing enterprises (and their part of the economy), rather than greenfield start-ups, so “Digital Integration” is a challenging domain for today’s business, with many facets, including data ownership.


Digitisation and critical arts practices: Digital technologies have the value we choose to ascribe to and invest in them. As “early adopters” and often developers of many aspects of digital media, artists have played a large part in forging and questioning these values, and upholding the creative criticality on which productive social awareness depends. I shall draw on examples of art using digital technologies to feed discussion on current practices and contexts.


Setting up a digital business from scratch can be a daunting project.  How do you make your offer attractive? How do you get the site found? How do you make transactions and how do you fulfil?  This workshop covers these issues and will outline the pitfalls as well as offering some advice on how to make it work.  The workshop is based on nearly 10 years involvement with Digital Business in our Family Horticultural business which successfully turns over nearly £3/4 million annually in Plants, Garden equipment and organic pest control and will give you some real insight into what is practicable for an independent operator to achieve.


The challenges of running media-based collaborative projects: teams are created and re-created at national and supra-national level to address key thematic areas in a project-based manner related to funding. The challenge is, how to create and maintain collaborative relationships value around new technology in a fast-moving highly interconnected environment dominated by competing and evolving standards.


Ben will be presenting current development of 3DBARE, the 3D Binaural Audio Rendering Engine. 3DBARE is a means for multiple users to ‘walk inside a piece of music’, as though the sounds were actually emanating from points in a physical space. 3DBARE is a move towards realising ‘digital liveness’, making repeated experience of fixed output continually changeable.

Additionally, Ben will deliver a MasterClass on a related technology, the GPS-based software noTours, used for Annotating Landscape with Audio at the Avenue campus 65 / 2149 10-4 on December 6th. “Annotating landscape with Audio: an introduction to building geo-located sound structures”.

A talk, and a practical session on building a sound map, choosing and editing your sounds, field testing and revision – by the end of the day, participants will have built their first geolocated sound structure. Registration for this session is essential via

***BUSINESS PLANNING DEVELOPMENT CLASS: Highfield campus B2/3041, 4-6 on October 28 with Peter Webber. Register your interest with ***

Digital Economy USRG Contributions to Web Science MOOC #FLwebsci

Avatar photoSeptember 18, 2013
by Lisa Harris

On 11th November 2013 the University of Southampton will be running its first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), focusing on Web Science – a taster of how the web is changing the world and how the world is changing the web. It will be the first of many courses that will be made available in partnership with platform provider FutureLearn for people to study online, for free, wherever they are based in the world. The MOOC will appeal as a taster for people considering more formal educational programmes in this area, or to anyone with a particular interest in the web and its relationship with business and society.

No prior subject knowledge is required to participate in the Web Science MOOC, just enthusiasm and willingness to engage in building a global online community of interest around the topic. The course lasts for 6 weeks, and each week will require 2-6 hours of study through a combination of video, articles, activities and interactions via social media.

Digital Economy will have a one week section of the MOOC, with contributions from Ian Brown, Chris Phethean, Reuben Binns, Lorraine Warren and myself. We will discuss how the web is enabling both new forms of digital business and the transformation of traditional business. The Course Team are all actively involved in researching different aspects of this topic, and collectively the contributions highlight how the abundance of digital data impacts upon the activities of a range of stakeholders – consumers, job seekers, recruiters and commercial operations, while enabling new business models and entrepreneurial opportunities to be developed.

If you are now sufficiently inspired to check out the Web Science MOOC, you can watch our promotional video and register for the course here

Below you can see myself, Chris and Reuben relaxing with the lovely camera crew Joe and Kerry after filming of our MOOC videos was completed :-)

Phew, all done :-)

Phew, all done :-)

Paper at British Academy of Management Conference, 2013

Avatar photoSeptember 17, 2013
by Lorraine Warren

Very enjoyable to present some of the work from my colleague Muhammad Nouman’s PhD at the British Academy of Management Conference at Aintree, Liverpool, last week.  The slides are here:

Upcoming Digital Economy Events: Autumn 2013

Avatar photoSeptember 9, 2013
by Lisa Harris

We have lots of goodies planned for the new term, and there are more still in the pipeline – please check out our DE Events page for more detail and ongoing updates.

All staff and students are welcome to attend DE events, which are normally held at lunchtimes and come with free sandwiches :-)

Events may feature one presenter or an entire project team. Usually they will showcase a particular aspect of multidisciplinary research and its implications for education. Speakers may be University staff or students, or external guests / project partners.

We also maintain an email list through which we circulate details of events, relevant conferences etc – please let us know if you would like to be added to the list.