Digital Economy USRG

Digital Economy and Cyber Security Centre Lunch

Date: 29.10.2012

Time: 12 noon

Speaker: Maire Evans, Dominic Hobson and Mu Yang

For more information about the GCHQ/EPSRC Cyber Security Centre visit their website.

Maire Evans from ECS will discuss how to create successful, thoughtful and responsive non-technologically determined policy for cybersecurity, given the fast-changing and massively Protean complexity of the web – the domain that such policy seeks to capture. Maire is investigating a framework that attempts to align the massive spaces of the web and the conversations that are most influential in the Cybersecurity domain with the positions of the actors who feed into policy, and looking to see what overlap there is between what the Web says and what policy says.

Maire has a first degree in Philosophy and Linguistics and a conversion MSc in Computer Science. She has since worked in corporate reporting, information and knowledge management, communications and editorial. For more information about Marie is available from her website.

Dominic will discuss the criminal use of virtual payment systems, drawing upon his MSc dissertation on the use of virtual payment systems in cybercrime. It examines how people pay for illegal products and services online, and how they’ve adapted to avoid getting caught.

Mu Yang is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science. Her doctoral work investigated the privacy, trust and
security properties in anonymity networks. She will discuss users’ behaviours in anonymity networks and the incentives of encouraging user cooperation.

We will also feedback on happenings at the DE All Hands Conference in Aberdeen which is taking place right now :-)

Future dates for your diaries – on 1st November there will be a joint lunch event with the Centre for Strategic Innovation to take forward the actions arising from last week’s Creative Digifest…for example specific project or research collaborations. Please let us know if you would like to attend this event, as places are limited. The next DE lunch will be on 5th December – more details to follow.