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Avatar photoMay 20, 2012
by Lisa Harris

There are still a few spaces available for staff and students on the following events. These are informal sessions run on behalf of the Centre for Innovation in Technologies and Education (CITE) by Fiona Harvey, Lisa Harris and the Student Digital Champions.

1.     Online Identity Workshop: 22nd May at 3pm in 85/2207.

This is a chance for you to review how you appear online and take an active role in making deliberate changes. What you say and how you appear online needs to be consistent and professional in order to reflect you in the best possible light.  The workshop will highlight good and bad examples to help you enhance your profile and promote yourself effectively. You can register for this event here.

2.     Online Safety and Security Workshop: 30th May at 2pm in 85/2209.

Find out all about staying safe online – do you read Terms and Conditions, all the way through…really?   Do you know who can access your private data on social networks and how you can stop them?  You can register for this event here.

3.     Developing and Managing your Professional Profile Workshop: 7th June at 2pm in 85/2207.

How well do you manage your online networks?  Is your LinkedIn profile complete and working well for you?  Would you like to increase your social capital and project a professional online profile to a future employer? You can register for this event here.

4.     Digital Literacy Conference

Due to popular demand additional tickets have now been released for the Digital Literacy Conference in Garden Court, Highfield Campus all day on 14th June. There will be un-keynote sessions led by Steve Wheeler, Cristina Costa, Sue Beckingham and Doug Belshaw, as well as contributions from a number of Southampton University staff and students who are engaged in various Digital Literacy activities.

We hope to see you at one or more of these events!

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