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#SXSC3 Speaker profile: Paul Walland

Avatar photoNovember 16, 2013
by Lisa Harris

By Michel Hanna

During the Creative Digifest #SXSC3 several workshops will be given by experts in the field. One of those is Paul Walland, who will be discussing new digital technologies and business model development. Issues related to the challenges of running media-based collaborative projects will be covered. The challenge is how to create and maintain collaborative relationships value around new technology in a fast-moving highly interconnected environment dominated by competing and evolving standards.

paul walland

Paul has over 25 years experience in the leadership of research teams, ranging from pure and applied research to product development and innovation management in a wide range of UK based commercial organisations and academia. He joined the senior management team of the University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre in 2006, where he acts as principal investigator on a number of EC and UK funded research projects in addition to his role in developing new projects and innovations in the digital media arena. Prior to this, Paul was Projects Group Manager responsible for collaborative project research at Snell & Wilcox Ltd, UK, where he initiated and led a wide range of UK and European research projects in the field of digital video and multimedia. Paul also was a founding Director of the multi-media Virtual Centre of Excellence, steering board member and vice-president of the European Digital Television Action Group (DigiTAG), and active contributor to both DTG and DVB. He has chaired workshops, conferences and working groups as well as publishing widely at international conferences and in technical journals. So, he has plenty of knowledge and expertise to share in what is sure to be a very interesting workshop.

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