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SXSC3 Speaker Profile: Alan Patrick

Avatar photoNovember 17, 2013
by Lisa Harris

By Merel van Dijke

alan p

Alan Patrick is the co-founder of Broadsight, a group of people who work in the area of Media 2.0, meaning that they focus on market intelligence, strategy and systems development across the whole multi-media ecosystem. Broadsight has consulted to many of the major digital-media players in Europe and has helped start or turn around a number of startups. They have also developed innovative technology for a number of clients. Alan also writes the well regarded Broadstuff blog on technology development. He has also developed the ‘Broadstuff Bubble-o-Meter’ tracking the current Social Media bubble’s evolution, which has been picked up by other technology blogs and the Guardian.

He has a broad range of specialities, ranging from IT to Management, from Consulting to Simulation. During the #SXSC3 Alan will be talking about the issues that arise when starting-up a business such as business models and planning, partner networks and risk management. If you want to know more about Alan, be sure to check out his Twitter and be sure to come along to the Creative Digifest 2013!

“What do you think is the biggest challenge in setting up an online business?”
Differentiation – aka making it out of the Darwinian start-up morass.

“What is your #1 tip for digital start-ups?”
Most overnight successes have been around a long time!

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