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New Centre of Excellence for Research in Cyber Security

Avatar photoJuly 6, 2012
by Lisa Harris

Interested staff and students are invited to attend the launch of the GCHQ/EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence for Research in Cyber Security on Wednesday 11 July in 32/3077 (seminar room).

The schedule is as follows:

12:30 Introduction

– V. Sassone

13:00 CyberSecurity through (secure and anti-tamper) hardware (nano) devices

– K. De Groot and W. Redman-White

13:15 Software-based CyberSecurity

– M. Butler and G. Parlato

13:30 CyberSecurity challenges for web and internet science

– L. Moreau, V. Sassone and N. Shadbolt

13:45 Mathematical approaches to CyberSecurity

– I. Leary and J. Brodzki

14:00 Human aspects of CyberSecurity

– S. Stevenage

14:15 Internet law and Cyber governance

– R. Moore, S Stalla-Bourdillon and S. Saxby

14:30 CyberSecurity and risk management

– J. Johnson, T. Ma and M.C. Sung

14:45 CyberSecurity aspects of complex and agents systems

– Seth Bullock and Nick Jennings and Alex Rogers

Building 85 / Observatory

15:00 Refreshments and Networking

15:45 Direction, Governance and Strategy for CyberSecurity Southampton

– V. Sassone

16:00 Debate on direction, governance and strategy for the Centre.

For more information, visit:

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