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Sustainability & the Creative/Cultural Industries

Lisa HarrisJuly 24, 2012
by Lisa Harris

The 2nd INTERREG conference in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be held here at Southampton in the Management School, October 24/25. There are many interesting streams at the conference,, but if you are interested in issues about sustainability and value creation in relation to the creative and cultural industries, check out Stream 5 (below). Happy to discuss any provisional ideas ( the conference is suitable for all kinds of researchers, early stage work welcome.

The following deadlines for submission/registration apply:

Submission of abstracts or papers (full/short/developmental papers): 5 September 2012

Registration closes on: 20 September 2012

Main conference: 24-25 October 2012

Stream for INTERREG 2

Lorraine Warren, University of Southampton
Jean Denis-Culie, EM Normandie
Amira Laifi, EM Normandie

Outline : Rationale and key themes

The creative and cultural industries are recognised widely as creating value as
they (Muller et al, 2009)

Are a major source of innovative ideas that contribute to the development of new products and services
Offer services that may be inputs to the innovative activities of other enterprises and organisations within and outside the creative industries
Are intensive users of technology and often demand and create adaptations and new developments of technology, providing stimulus to technology producers.

It could therefore be argued that creative businesses can play a part in helping other sectors meet the challenge of sustainability as well as becoming more sustainable themselves. The part they have to play in creating a sustainable future is not only in behaving in a sustainable manner themselves, but in influencing our behaviour and inspiring new lifestyles. They influence us, not only through their creative acts alone, but also in the messages they put across, the buildings and places they live and work in, and the change they stimulate in other industries.

This track invites papers that explore the relationship between the creative and cultural industries and sustainability. Potential topics might relate to the key themes listed below.

The practice of sustainability by creative/cultural industries firms (designs, lifestyles, creative practices or acts)
The contribution of creative/cultural industries firms to sustainable practices in other firms and organisations
The contribution of creative/cultural industries firms to sustainable practices in communities and society generally
Value creation through entrepreneurship and innovation related to the above.

Theoretical and methodological contributions are welcome, as are empirical papers.

Stream questions
What are the challenges, barriers and opportunities for the creative/cultural industries in regard to sustainability?
How do we analyse, assess, evaluate or measure the contribution of the creative/cultural industries to sustainability; particularly in regard to how value is created?
What theoretical and methodological challenges are relevant in this ecosystem?

Creative industries; cultural industries; sustainability; value creation

The Creative Industries Sustainability Beacon project Final report, Fiona Bennie
and Chris Sherwin, 2010, Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network.
Muller, K., C. Rammer and J. Truby (2009) ‘The role of creative industries

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