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Creative Digifest #SXSC2 Speaker Profile: Abigail Harrison

Avatar photoSeptember 23, 2012
by Lisa Harris

This is the first in a series of posts over the next few weeks to highlight the various speakers and panelists at the Creative Digifest.

Abigail Harrison, Founder of DigitalSurrey, PR and social media consultant

Founder of one of the largest B2B social media networks #DigitalSurrey, Abigail Harrison has worked in PR and social media for almost 20 years. Delivering award-winning results for leading global brands, she thrives on delighting clients with creative, impactful strategies. As one of the key players in the digital and social media sector, Abigail founded DigitalSurrey in 2009 which regularly draws stand-out sector speakers such as Google, IBM and the BBC. Abigail has been involved in the organisation of major social media events such as Twestival and was responsible for bringing back TweetCamp to London in 2011 which attracted some of the leading movers and shakers in the global social media sector.

In what ways are digital technologies transforming our lives?

Technology enables ‘I’ to harness the power of ‘we’ – the power (positive and negative) of crowds online has the ability to change outcomes faster. Yes the French Revolution happened over 200 years ago, however digital technologies enable information to spread / propogate with lightning speeds which challenge Governments and brands alike to maintain a degree of dignified control. In addition, the technologies have the potential to provide a mouthpiece for the ‘I’ – cutting through automated customer response, demanding up-to-the-minute information, in a decade where transparency and honesty have taken a hammering – and consumer trust hit all-time rock-bottom levels.

What can the latest technologies do for you?

Cut through red-tape; deliver information faster; demand transparency / honesty / respect; build communities based on commonality – and provide the ultimate filter mechanism to ensure relevance (the delete button is ever present!); provide a fast-action response resulting in increased engagement, profitability, efficiency; restores the consumer (customer) to his / her position of king.

If you’re not online, are you out of the game?

You are out of ‘a game’ but not ‘the game’. However, online is facing a real challenge posed by gamers and trolls – plus the challenge of Governments / lawyers who are trying to impose national rules & regulations on a global unregulated channel. Perhaps one to discuss further at the event…..?

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