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Past events

24.02.2014 - 28.02.2014 - various, Web Science Research Week

06.12.2013 - 08.12.2013, Random Hacks of Kindness #RHoKSoton

21.10.2013 - Witold Mielniczek, The Flying Car: Making Dreams Come True

19.06.2013 - Ronise Nepomuceno, Web Developer in iSolutions, The Web and the Songlines of the Global Village

03.06.2013 - Ian Brown, Projects Director, Web Science Trust, The Elephant in the Room: When did data get so big?

10.05.2013 - Chris Gutteridge and Ash Smith, Open Data Developments

11.03.2013 - Simon Morice and David Willox from ICM, Media Convergence: the value of video

21.01.2013 - Peter Smith, Dave Millard, Thanassis Tiropanis, Franz Huber, Tom Brughmans, Lisa Harris and Leif Isaksen, DE Lunch: DE input to Curriculum Innovation

29.10.2012 - Maire Evans, Dominic Hobson and Mu Yang, Digital Economy and Cyber Security Centre Lunch

17.10.2012 - Tim Davies, Dominic Hobson, Mark Frank, Maire Evans and Jack Townsend, The first of the Web Science debate series of the 2012-13 academic year

28.05.2012 - Les Carr and Jacek Brodzki, DE Networking Lunch

16.05.2012 - 16.05.2012 - Professor David Owen Norris and Dr Cheryl Metcalf, PianoHAWK Hand and Wrist Kinematics

30.04.2012 - Mark Weal and Ring Xu, DE Lunch

22.03.2012 - 23.03.2012, Work Futures in the Digital Economy

05.03.2012 - Susan Halford and Natasha Allden, DE Lunch

10.02.2012 - Lorraine Warren and Luke Greenacre, DE Lunch (Multidisciplinary Research Week Event)

23.01.2012 - Leif Isaksen, DE Lunch

12.12.2011, DE Christmas Event

21.11.2011 - Howard Scott, Roksana Moore, Kevin Forshaw, DE Lunch

26.09.2011 - Richard M Beales, DE Lunch

21.07.2011 - Graeme Earl and Lisa Harris, DE Lunch

20.06.2011 - Les Carr and Simon Coles, DE Lunch

25.05.2011 - Graeme Earl and Christopher Gutteridge, DE Lunch

31.01.2011 - Dr Les Carr, De Martin Dyke, Megan Griffith Gray and Professor Carl May, Panel discussion of work futures in the digital economy

16.12.2010 - Graeme Earl, Lisa Harris, Ben Waterson and Mark Weal, Panel on multidisciplinary working

22.11.2010 - Nigel Shadbolt, Don Nutbeam, Wendy Hall, Debra Humphris, Dawn Baxendale, Hugh Glaser, Ian Millard and Nick Gibbins, The Open Data Revolution and the Web of Linked Data

04.10.2010 - Bev Hulbert and Mike Lister, DE Lunch